Ensuring Michigan's energy future

Nuclear energy is the only large-scale source of power that produces no emissions.  It addresses growing concerns over carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gas, helping to meet Michigan’s energy needs as well as the state and the nation's clean air goals.

Stimulating the economy

  • Holding down consumer energy costs

Nuclear power is the lowest cost producer of base-load electricity in the U.S. today when compared to coal, natural gas, or oil, producing electricity for about 1.7 cents per kilowatt-hour. Fuel costs for Fermi 2 are about half those of the most efficient coal fired plants.

  • Boosting the state and local economies

Analysis shows that every dollar spent by the average nuclear plant results in the creation of $1.07 in the local community. Each year, the average nuclear plant generates approximately $430 million in sales of goods and services in the local community and nearly $40 million in total labor income. The average nuclear plant generates total state and local tax revenue of almost $20 million each year. These tax dollars benefit schools, roads and other state and local infrastructures.